Connect Mobilnkd TNC4 to Windows 11

I have been a fan of the Mobilnkd since I got the TNC3.  It’ managed to get it work on an older tablet running Windows 11, but my new Dell XPS 13 just won’t work with the TNC3.  (Maybe my TNC3 is dead?)   I decided to upgrade to the newest TNC4, and I’ll say I’m very happy with it so far.   Getting the TNC4 to work on Windows 11 is slightly different than how I always did it with Windows 10, so I wanted to show you how I did it and write out exactly how it works.

The first …

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ISS SSTV Transmissions April 1-2, 2019

If you’re in the Southern California area, tune your ham radio to frequency 145.800 between 10PM to 10:15PM PST and have your mobile app ready to listen for a chance at capturing SSTV images from cosmonauts aboard the International Space Station. The satellite moves quickly from the north just above Oregon to the south near Houston, Texas.

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Yesterday I put APRS-IS to the test in the mountains on the San Juan Trail, located a few miles way from Ortega Highway 74. In this area there are no digipeaters close enough for RF transmissions, so I tested the SPRINT cellular network to see if I could be tracked in real time (KM6ZPO).

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