My First Simplex Contact – In the Middle of the Mojave Desert

Yesterday I went on a little adventure out in the California desert.  I was equipped with a Baofeng UV-5R and a cell phone loaded with software.  Our first destination was the Hole-in-the -Wall  Rings Trail.   Shortly after exiting the 40 highway, I lost cell service, but fortunately before that I was already looking for people transmitting their location via APRS.  I found one!

My contact, K6ORJ, was wise enough to put his simplex calling frequency 146.520 in the comments of his APRS beacon.  I didn’t find him in the campground, but later that day I heard him call over 146.520 and was able to carry on a conversation while inside a car driving from the Hold-in-the-Wall Campground over to Mid Hills Campground 9 miles away by road, 6.2 miles line of sight over some small hills.  There were only a couple spots that the transmissions were weak.  If I was outside the car with my BF-F8HP, I imagine it probably would have been no problem in the canyon.

Line of Sight was 6.2 milesThe was some terrain in the way of line of sight communications:Coverage was a little spotty in this canyon between 5-6 miles away:
The 2M Simplex Calling graphic was created by LadyMaggies.  Buy your a sticker for your car via her Etsy website: