I’m Mark Warrick, originally from Santa Ana, California now residing in Anaheim Hills.  I currently have a general class ham license and am studying for my extra. 

I hold volunteer examiner accreditation from the ARRL and Greater Los Angeles Amateur Radio Group.

I am a volunteer radio operator at the Queen Mary (W6RO).

I am a member of the Orange County Hospital Amateur Radio Team (https://ocheart.net)

By day, I’m a project manager for a software company. 

On the weekends, I provide mountain biking tours all around Southern California

Some of my recent experiments in the amateur ham world include APRS, Digital Radio, WinLink email over radio, SSTV, building antennas and transmitter building / hunting.

Repeaters / Linked Systems I Frequent

  • Papa System
  • WIN System
  • AmericaLink on via Wires-X Room ID 21080 / YSF Reflector YSF21080
  • DMR Talkgroups 31077 (PapaSys), 3106 (California), 93 North America, 91 (Worldwide) (Direct Call ID: 3135823)
  • D-star (Try Papa REF012B, C and also search last heard by my call sign at: https://www.dstarusers.org/)
  • EchoLink (*PAPA*, *CATALINA*)

More About Me

You can find out more about me at a couple of my websites:




Phone: (949) 870-9493

Email: mark@km6zpo.com

Recent Posts
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Over the past year, I have experimented with a lot of antennas trying to find a good combination of gain

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