I’m Mark Warrick, from Santa Ana, California. 

I currently have a general class ham license

I hold volunteer examiner accreditation from the ARRL and Greater Los Angeles Amateur Radio Group.

I completed ARRL emeregency communications training

I am a member of Anaheim RACES.

I am a volunteer radio operator at the Queen Mary (W6RO).

By day, I’m a business systems analyst for a finance company. 

On the weekends, I provide mountain biking tours all around Southern California

Some of my recent experiments in the amateur ham world include ARDEN mesh nodes and connected devices, APRS, Digital Radio, WinLink email over radio and AREDN, NBEMS, SSTV, building antennas and transmitter building / hunting.

Call me on Ham Shack Hotline: Extension 50160

Repeaters / Linked Systems I Frequent

HF Radio

In October, 2021, I bought my first HF radio, a Yaesu FT-891, an LDG Z-11 Pro II tuner and a Chameleon EMCOMM II antenna.  Since that time, I’ve acquired and built several more antennas and one more HF Radio, the Yaesu FT-100D.  My favorite antennas are the Chameleon MPAS Lite and the Chameleon Tactical Delta Loop both of which are outstanding for portable use.  I’ve used HF in the car, in parks, on summits and even while traveling across the United States!  On the digital side of things, I’ve figured out how to use Winlink over VARA HF.  Something I would like to do in HF eventually is digital voice over HF.

More About Me

You can find out more about me at a couple of my websites:



Phone: (949) 870-9493

Email: mark@km6zpo.com

Recent Posts
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