Winlink via VARA HF with Yaesu FT-891 and Signalink Working Settings

I recently acquired a Yaesu FT-891, a Signalink and a VARA HF license in the hopes that I could get Winlink working over HF radio.  I’m no stranger to Winlink, but HF radio in general is fairly new to me.  In my efforts, I reached out to the ham community to ask others about their equipment and settings.

My first attempt at a connection was a failure.  I watched a few videos on doing Winlink over HF radio, but pretty much all the settings in my radio were factory default.  My second attempt was successful.  I managed to connect to …

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Winlink via AREDN Mesh and Radio

I created this flowchart to illustrate the flow of data between a private data network, radio and the Internet. Why is this important? Consider this scenario:

Power is out, the Internet is down and cell phones aren’t working. Let’s say all of Southern California communications are down (A likely scenario during a major earthquake). You need to send an email to an adjacent agency including a detailed list of medications and medical equipment that you need delivered to your area now. You know as well as any good emergency communicator that trying to do that over voice is not the …

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Connect Mobilnkd TNC4 to Windows 11

I have been a fan of the Mobilnkd since I got the TNC3.  It’ managed to get it work on an older tablet running Windows 11, but my new Dell XPS 13 just won’t work with the TNC3.  (Maybe my TNC3 is dead?)   I decided to upgrade to the newest TNC4, and I’ll say I’m very happy with it so far.   Getting the TNC4 to work on Windows 11 is slightly different than how I always did it with Windows 10, so I wanted to show you how I did it and write out exactly how it works.

The first …

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