A demonstration of a minimal amount of equipment needed to make phone calls over the ARDEN mesh using a PBX. If your PBX is connected to an outside POTS SIP service like mine (, you can also make and receive phone calls from normal phones outside the mesh!

Parts list:
TP-Link CPE210
Mini UPS Battery Backup 8800mAH 
LANMU USB to DC Power Cable
Cisco SPA504G IP Phone
Husky Tripod Stand

The laptop can be any laptop. You don’t need a laptop to make and receive phone calls, but it’s useful to check your connections. Also, if you have LinPhone on your computer, then you don’t need the IP phone. I like using a separate IP phone because they work well and use very little power. If you wish to use Winlink, you need RMS Express on a Windows 7 or newer OS. If you have a MAC, I recommend getting Parallels to run Windows.