W6/SC-371 Niguel Hill

Niguel Hill is a short and relatively flat walk from Seaview Park on Talvera Drive in Laguna Niguel Park.  I have been to this area several times for other activations and emergency communications drills.   As a summit spot you have good line of sight communications to much of South Orange County making this an ideal location for beginner summits on the air activators.  You’ll also find some line of sight connectivity to parts of Orange, Irvine and Tustin.  There are several convenient picnic tables to choose from.  Most of them are within the “activation zone”, with all being at a similar altitude and not far from the actual summit.  As an HF activation point, it’s pretty good.  There is little to no RF noise from the nearby homes.  

I brought two radios: a Yaesu FT-70DR for 2 meters for local contacts (25-100 miles) and a QRP rig, the Recent RS-918 for medium range contacts (over 300 miles) which can do everything between 10 meters to 160 meters.  I packed a Super Antenna MP1 with radials for 10-40 meters and this time I brought my 13 foot collapsible fiberglass pole and a my N9TAX roll-up dual band j-pole for better 2 meter contacts.  I can say that the N9TAX made a difference for my 2 meter contacts – one was a clear contact about 65 miles away in San Diego.

Here’s a photo of my HF QRP rig:

In this wider view, you can see the 2 meter antenna and the picnic table.

My QRP KIT – The Parts

MY QRP KIT – All setup


W6/SC-37120230211110514.250MhzSSBN6JZCARLOS QUARTZ HILL 42
W6/SC-37120230211112021.348MhzSSBAE4JLRONALD K-2820 59
W6/SC-37120230211112521.348MhzSSBK0SVCHARLES ALBUQUERQUE NM 43
W6/SC-37120230211113021.320MhzSSBNE7ETJAROD CORNELIUS OR 59
W6/SC-37120230211113521.320MhzSSBW0MNAGARY LEAVENWORTH KS 57 55
W6/SC-37120230211114021.320MhzSSBN6ANW6/CT-244DAVID S2S 55
W6/SC-37120230211114521.320MhzSSBVA7RYLBOB BRITISH COLUMBIA 52
W6/SC-371202302111150146.52MhzFMKI6SLAMICHEAL CERRITOS 59
W6/SC-371202302111155146.52MhzFMKN6FNYW6/CT-268KEVIN S2S LAKE ELSINORE MTN 59
W6/SC-371202302111200146.52MhzFMK6NOVRAY LAGUNA NIGUEL 59
W6/SC-371202302111205146.52MhzFMKN6RDCCHRISTIAN MISSION VIEJO 59
W6/SC-371202302111210146.52MhzFMK6QCBJEFF RANCHO CUCAMONGA 59
W6/SC-371202302111215146.52MhzFMKN6RRKHERBERT DOWNEY 59 55
W6/SC-371202302111220146.52MhzFMW1IOKCASMIR HUNTINGTON BEACH 59
W6/SC-371202302111225146.52MhzFMKN6SHIDALE UPLOAD 57
W6/SC-371202302111230146.52MhzFMKG6JMJKEN SAN DIEGO