AREDN Mesh Field Kit

Recently I’ve been thinking about setting up a field kit for the Aredn Mesh Network.  I’ve seen plenty of people able to setup their nodes at their homes, so I know it’s possible.  Setting something up for field use is my challenge.  Based upon my research, I think I have a pretty good idea of what is needed, but I’m seeking the advice of “AREDN Elmers” out there to provide some input.   I would love to hear your feedback.  You can use my contact form to reach me.

Here is my parts list:

Item Cost
MikroTik LHG XL HP5 Dual Chain Extra Large High Power 27dBi 5GHz CPE Point-to-Point Integrated Antenna (RBLHG-5HPnD-XL-US)

Tripod Dish Stand

Mighty Max Battery ML12-12 – 12V 12AH F2 SLA AGM DEEP-Cycle Rechargeable Battery Brand Product

12V to 24V Converter

Inline Fuse Holder

Assorted Fuses
(The convert draws 3 amps so maybe a 3A or 5A fuse.)
15 Foot CAT5 Cable

A Laptop Computer Running Ubuntu Linux

Already Own
For 2.4 Ghz Operations, Add This:

Mikrotik LHG XL 2 RBLHG-2nD-XL

For Connecting Multi Devices, Consider Something Like This:
MikroTik hAP ac lite Dual-concurrent Access Point (RB952Ui-5ac2nD-US) 
And You’ll Need Something Like This to Power the Router

Anker PowerCore 5000 Portable Charger

Or Use the AGM Battery You Already Have With This

GEREE Waterproof DC Converter 8-22V To 5V 3A/15W Dual Power Adapter


Need the Antenna to Be Away from Your Base Camp?
Cable Sourcing – 100ft (30m) CAT5e cable, EXTERNAL (outdoor use)

Solar Charging

I have researched a lot of solar panels on the market.  While there are certainly better panels, the key here is portability.  I believe this charging kit would be sufficient for keeping the battery fresh for multi-day field trips.  It may even be enough power by itself!

ALLPOWERS 60W Solar Panel Foldable SunPower Solar Charger

Solar Charge Controller


Did I miss something?  Please let me know.

Contact Me.